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AlphaOmega Mykonos is a Destination Management Company offering unparalleled access to the beautiful island of Mykonos in Greece. We create highly specialized, once in a lifetime holiday experiences for sophisticated guests looking something truly unique. Ready to experience all that Mykonos has to offer? Get ready for an AlphaOmega adventure!

Founder of Alpha Omega Camila in Mykonos
Our Founder

Born in Brazil and raised in the United States, Camila effortlessly acclimated to the cultures and languages of both. This dual citizenship awakened her curiosity and desire to know and explore the world further.

During her early career years in the challenging  New Jersey/New York City banking sector as a Financial Advisor, Camila rapidly became accustomed to the environment. It was here her keen and almost fanatical attention to detail was honed and life as she knew it, was to be different.

After years of successfully working and advising, private life called and it was now Camila’s turn to expect only the best! She began travelling the world and seeing it as she realized was possible. Not taking a vacation, but living a culture was her desire. Seeing different places not as a tourist but as an insider, as if a member of each locales cognoscenti.

Now Camila has formulated a business, utilizing these refined skills she had developed. AlphaOmega Mykonos, AΩ, combines her enthusiasm and the “no excuses” policy she lives by, providing exclusive, detail-oriented excursions for her discerning clients.

Not trips or vacations, but rather ultimate experiences that reach levels seldom known before while creating lifelong memories. Since making the decision to live full time in Mykonos, authentic, insider holidays are provided like no other can.

Discover when you depart from an ΑΩ experience, how it feels to have a new place you can call home.

We Are
We Are Not
The Real Mykonos

Mykonos is renowned for a somewhat wild lifestyle and decadence, but there is much more to the island for sophisticated, inquisitive visitors to discover. At Alpha Omega we will show you the true hidden gems and real experiences of Mykonos in a way no one else can!

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