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Ideally situated in the central Cyclades, Mykonos is the perfect base to explore the surrounding islands, each as unique, historic and wildly beautiful as the next. Be it a short day trip or an extended exploration through Greek time and geography, the Cyclades are a once in a lifetime experience not to be missed. Put yourselves in our capable hands and we will introduce you to a truly unique world!

Characterized as one of the most beautiful islands in the world, Santorini will definitely leave you speechless. Her eternal beauty is crafted through the reddish cliffs and the colorful houses hanging over the deep blue of the Aegean. Nowhere else on earth exists such impressive scenery. From the stunning Caldera, and the idiomorphic black sandy beaches, to the one of a kind villages and breathtaking views of the hinterland, Santorini is a miracle unto itself.
The noble island of Tinos can be characterized as an unexplored island of mysterious beauties considering her verdant nature, authentic villages, ancient heritage, folklore and the very rich culinary traditions of her lands. The fascination of Tinos also lies in the endless sandy beaches and the turquoise waters, acting as a magnet for savvy travellers. Above all, the magic of this island lies in the faith of the pious from all over the world who visit the Our Lady of Tinos every year. Just 20 minutes from Mykonos, Tinos is a perfect option for a day visit.
Characterized as one of the most beautiful islands of the Cyclades, Paros is ready to give you everything you may need. The brightest jewel of the Cyclades is one of the most distinctive islands, embellished with whitewashed houses, blue domed chapels, narrow labyrinth alleys, turquoise beaches, charming villages and cultural monuments of great history, and the warm, welcoming and hospitable Parians. Paros has been igniting the imagination of travellers since the prehistoric times, however no one has managed to conquer her soul.
Antiparos is a tiny island lying just off the coast and a few minutes away from Paros. The northwest side of the island is blessed with scenery of natural beauty and endless sandy beaches. The southeastern part of the island swoops down to the sea and creates a wild morphology with cliffs plunging to the water, forming a series of astonishing caves, the most distinguished of which is the Cave of Antiparos. It is a natural wonder with exquisite stalagmites and stalactites that is considered to be one of the most ancient caves in Europe. Antiparos, whose beauty exceeds its diminutive size, offers a diversity of striking natural beauty. Do not miss it!
Characterized as the paradise of the Aegean, Koufonisia posses the finest emerald, sapphire and turquoise waters in the entire Aegean Sea. Undoubtedly, Koufonisia is a paradise of extreme natural beauty boasting a unique morphology with tropical beaches, golden sandy dunes and strips of golden sand that meet wave carved rocks. These two awesome islands can offer a beautiful escape to the unknown.
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